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Baptism is our initiation into the life of Jesus Christ through water and the Holy Spirit.

The baptism of your child is very important to you and our parish. Your child will experience Christian love through you, your family, friends, and our parish. Baptism is a responsibility for the parents, godparents, and the parish. Our parish Baptismal Class is designed to help all of us prepare for that special moment and do the best possible job of sharing our faith in the months and years ahead.

Are you expecting your first child or recently welcomed your new family member? Our upcoming Baptismal Preparation Classes will be held on:

  • December 5th at 7pm

All first time parents (expectant parent, included) are asked to participate in one of these sessions before the Baptism of your child, and of course all other parents are welcome to come for a ‘refresher’ session.  Sessions will include walking through the liturgy of Baptism and its theology, as well some discussion time. Please contact Mary Grack at or 931-1628 Ext. 144 to register for the session.

If you have already attend the class and would like to schedule your child’s baptism, contact Mary Grack at or 931-1628 Ext. 112 to schedule a date.

Adults wishing to receive Baptism are encouraged to join the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program.


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