Elementary Faith Formation

Family Formation

Family Formation is a great opportunity for parents to fully embrace their role as the primary catechist of their children and grow as a whole family in faith. Parents will come in once a month for Parent’s Night and we will equip them with materials, lessons, and provide instruction on this month’s lessons. The next 3 weeks, parents will complete a lesson per week as a family at home. Family Formation allows the whole family to learn the same topic at the same time. Parents will be provided with lessons, materials needed for the lessons, and support to help teach their children. With this program, children in 5th grade and younger would not come in for any classes (except 2nd Graders – See Sacramental Preparation) and we would not have Sunday School offered this year either.

Parent Nights Schedule (Parents can choose to come either Monday or Wednesday) *Note: Traditional Family Formation has the children coming in once a month for classes as well. Due to COVID, we are not going to have the children come in this year.

  • Oct. 5th or 7th
  • Nov. 2nd or 4th
  • Dec. 7th or 9th
  • Jan. 4th or 6th
  • Feb. 1st or 3rd
  • Mar. 1st or 3rd
  • Apr. 5th or 7th
  • May 3rd or 5th

2nd Grade

1st Reconciliation Preparation

2nd Graders will complete “Sign of Grace – You Are Forgiven” online program with their parents to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

1st Communion Preparation

2nd Graders will complete “Sign of Grace – You Are Loved” online program with their parents to prepare for their First Holy Communion.

Parent/Child Center

As we traditionally have done, 2nd graders and their parents will come in for Learning Centers to prepare for each Sacrament. We will continue to have these centers as well as the at home lessons that are directly related to the Sacrament they are preparing to receive.

Important Dates:
  • 30th – 1st Reconciliation Centers at 6:30pm
  • TBD – 1st Reconciliation
  • TBD – 1st Communion Centers at 6:30pm
  • 18th – 1st Communion at 8am in Nicollet or 10am in St. Peter