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Social Concerns of the Church of St. Peter is our ministry that reaches out in loving service “to the poor and sick, to the elderly and the lonely, to people in mission countries and to work for justice in our society.” (Diocesan Mission Statement) The Church of St. Peter incorporates into their social concerns the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church.


The Roman Catholic Church has developed a rich treasure of wisdom for building a just society and living lives of holiness despite the challenges of a modern world. Known as Catholic Social Teaching, it has been articulated through the Bible, a tradition of papal teachings, and other Church documents. Its key themes are:

Life and Dignity of the Human Person. Human life is sacred. We image God our Creator. People are more important than things and the measure of every institution is whether it threatens or enhances the life and dignity of the human person.

Call to Family, Community and Participation. We are social by nature and need each other for our well-being. The family is the central social institution that must be supported and strengthened. Rugged individualism runs contrary to our healthy growth and development as children of God. People have a right and a duty to participate in society, seeking the common good of all.

Rights and Responsibilities. Catholic tradition says that the rights of all people must be protected if we are to realize a just community. Along with rights, we have duties and responsibilities – to one another, to our families, and to our communities.

The Dignity of Work. Work is not a curse. Nor is it only a means of earning money; it is a form of continuing participation in God’s creation and Christ’s redemption. Good work is a way in which women and men, individually and collectively, offer their best to the earthly city and to the City of God.

Solidarity. We are brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. We are one human family, whatever our national, racial, ethnic, and economic differences.

Care for God’s Creation. We show our respect for God our Creator by our stewardship of creation. We are called to protect people and our earth, living our faith in relationship with all of God’s creation.

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable. The Hebrew prophets tell us that the quality of our faith is linked to the quality of justice in our society. In a society marked by deepening divisions between rich and poor, our tradition recalls the story of the Last Judgement (Mt.25:31-46) and tells us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable as priority.The ministry of social concerns is carried out in the parish community by the Social Concerns Committee and many volunteers.

Social Concerns Committee:

  • assist in fostering the pastoral mission and the ministry of service by encouraging the parish to deepen its understanding of Catholic social teaching and fostering a growing in our community of local, national and global social concerns.
  • strive to identify and address the needs of people in the parish and the community at large; will support and/or develop programs of outreach and service.
  • speak out for people who are poor and vulnerable; will work for and support legislation and social policies that reflect justice and a respect for human dignity.
  • strive to promote action on behalf of justice and a participation in the transformation of the world.


  • Manage and staff the St. Peter Thrift Store
  • Assist with St. Peter Area Food Shelf (SPAF)
  • Assist with Habitat for Humanity
  • Record weekend liturgies for enrichment of homebound
  • Provide Sunday Word and Communion Services at each nursing home.
  • Assist with Weekday Word and Communion Services at each nursing home.
  • Provide Communion Service/visits to the homebound and elderly.
  • Organize and/or assist with Thanksgiving assistance and Christmas Giving Tree Project.
  • Distribute flowers to the grieving on an annual basis.
  • Provide rides to church services and activities.

St. Peter Thrift Store is a clothing and consignment store owned and operated by the Church of St. Peter. The store is located at 401 So. Minnesota (corner of Minnesota & Grace). Proceeds from the Thrift Store are used for parish education programs.

St. Peter Area Food Shelf is an outreach of the Christian community of the City of St. Peter. It is a nonprofit, private (non-governmental) organization. The Food Shelf is located at 419 W. Myrtle.

Habitat for Humanity is an international service group, supported by local churches, which builds Houses for people of need. Local churches which support Habitat for Humanity are “covenant sponsor churches”. The Church of St. Peter has a signed covenant with Habitat for Humanity.

St. Peter Area Ministerial Association (S.P.A.M.) – pastor and associates of the Church of St. Peter are members of S.P.A.M. This association works, prays and collectively addresses common issues of the faith community.

Recorded weekend liturgies for the homebound are played on channel 7 on Monday evenings for interested residents of St. Peter. See the bulletin for specific details.

Word and Communion Services are celebrated at the Grandview and St. Peter Health Care Center on Sundays and Wednesday or Thursday. These services are led by a Pastoral Associate or a Eucharistic Volunteer of the Church of St. Peter.

Christmas Giving Tree Project – parishioners are invited to participate in the annual Christmas Giving Tree Project. Members of the Social Concerns Committee organizes this project and information is placed in the bulletin.

For more information about Social Concerns of the Church of St. Peter
contact Fr. Todd Petersen at 507.931.1628.