Roof Campaign

We are officially in a new capital campaign for our roof. The current roof is 20 years old and is at a point where the safety of our parishioners and students is becoming more of a concern. The roof leaks in many places, which creates mold and weakens the structure. Several patches have been installed on the roof over the past years, the most recent one being last year.

We are in a unique position right now. The initial estimate we were given came in at $2.4 million to replace the entire roof with a steel roof. We prayed about this and then requested multiple bids. Our prayers were answered with a bid of $1.4 million. Our roof committee was unanimous in the decision to go with a steel roof as steel has a longer life attached to it and will not overheat and cause leaking as the shingles did with our large roof. We are excited about moving forward with this option and know that our church and school will benefit from it for many years to come.

We have set an aggressive timeline for the funding of this campaign. The Diocese has a policy that states a church may only sign a contract for capital improvements when 75% of the cash needed is in hand and 100% is accounted for in pledges. Our bid will expire on March 17, 2021.

We are happy to announce we have already made great progress on our goal. The church is happy to contribute $130,000 towards the goal. We have also received $90,000 in gifts throughout the year. I am also pleased to announce we have received $148,500 in total pledges from 14 donors, since January 1. This represents a total of $368,500 in gifts and pledges from our parish as of January 9, 2021. We are blessed to have such generous parishioners, who have decided to be leaders in the effort.

I am writing today to ask you to join them and join me in giving. Please review the pledge form on the attached page. We appreciate your consideration. We know this is an aggressive goal, but we believe we can do this together.

I invite you to pray about what you are being led to contribute to this very important need. Since being assigned here, I have really tried to just focus on Jesus. So far, He has blessed us and I look forward to witnessing how He will continue these blessings. I entrust this whole project to St. Joseph, in this Year of St. Joseph. What better patron than him for a roof! I look forward to speaking with you soon. A blessed New Year!

In Christ,

Fr. Craig Timmerman

Click image to watch a message from Fr. Craig about our Roof Campaign.