Dress Code Policy


John Ireland Catholic School children dress in respectful, clean, neat, and modest clothing.  Through the help of the parents/guardians, we hope to maintain this tradition.  Since the way we dress affects our mood and our attitude, students’ clothing should be in good taste, fit well, and be suitable for an educational environment.

Clothing of poor taste or unfitting Christian values is not allowed.  Appropriateness of clothing is determined on an individual basis by the principal and classroom teacher.


Shirts should be clean, neat, modest, appropriate to the season and long enough to cover the jeans, shorts and/or pants.  No skin is to be exposed at the waist line.  Tank tops, cut-off t-shirts, and spaghetti-strap shirts and/or dresses are not appropriate.

T-shirts or sweatshirts may not have imprinted logos or pictures of violence, alcohol, offensive gestures, or offensive behavior.


Pants should be clean, neat, modest, and appropriate to the season.  Torn pants are not appropriate.

Shorts are only permitted for the months of September and May.  Please consider the weather when allowing children to wear shorts during these two months.  The school is air-conditioned, and the playground area can be very chilly on cold and cloudy days.


Students must wear shoes at all times during the school day because of fire/tornado emergencies and health issues.

Footwear that is unsafe may include, but is not limited to flip-flops and strapless sandals.  All footwear must be tied, zipped, buckled, or have a back strap for safety.

Tennis shoes and socks are necessary for gym classes.


Students are expected to wear clothing that is suitable for all kinds of weather.  This includes boots, gloves/mittens, hats, snow pants, and a warm coat for cold weather.

If boots are not worn, students will need to stay on the pavement during recess.

Students should not wear long dangling or hoop earrings to school.  These can be dangerous on the playground and during gym class.

If appropriate clothing is not worn, students will not be able to fully participate in recess activities.

Mass Days and Special Prayer Services

Students are expected to dress up for Mass days.  Please refrain from jeans, sweatpants, and wind pants.

JI Shirts, polo type shirts, and khaki pants are requested whenever possible.

We request this as a way of showing respect to God on these special days.