Lunch Menu Sept. 2015																													Monday		Tuesday		Wednesday		Thursday		Friday				1	First Day of School 1-6	2		3	First Day of Kindergarten	4				Hamburgers on Bun		Pulled Pork Sandwich		Chicken Nuggets		Grilled Cheese				French Fries		Broccoli		Mashed Potatoes		Tomato Soup				Baked Beans		Peaches		Cooked Carrots		Green Beans				Mand. Oranges		Cheese Stick		Blueberries		Apple		7		8		9		10		11		NO SCHOOL		Sloppy Joes		Chicken Fajitas		Tator Tot Hotdish		French Toast Sticks		Labor Day		Corn		Fixings		Buttered Bread		Hash Brown				Tropical Fruit		Peas		Green Beans		Carrots/Celery				Pudding		Pears		Fruit Cocktail		Bananas		14		15		16		17		18		Corn Dogs		Nachos		Spaghetti		Hot Turkey Sandwich		Shrimp Poppers		Baked Beans		Chips		Lettuce		Chips		Mac and Cheese		Mand. Oranges		Meat/Cheese/Black Beans		Peaches		Corn		Green Beans		Cheese Stick		Apple		Breadstick		Applesauce		Pears		21		22		23		24		25		Chicken Patty		Tacos		Ham 		Chili		Cheese Pizza		Tator Tots		Meat/Lettuce/Cheese/Salsa		Scalloped Potatoes		Cornbread		Lettuce		Mixed Veggies		Carrots/Celery		Peas		Carrots		Pears		Pineapple		Peaches		Mand. Oranges		Apple		Pudding		28		29		30		1	October	2		Hot Dogs		Chicken Nuggets		Sub Sandwiches		Chicken Wild Rice Soup		Scrambled Eggs		Chips		Buttered Noodles		Chips/Salsa		Dinner Roll		Hash Brown		Green Beans		Broccoli		Cucumbers		Carrots/Celery		Cheese Stick/Apple		Watermelon		Mand. Oranges		Apricots		Peaches		Orange Juice				Notes:


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