1st Grade


“Sneaky E”

We learned about the “sneaky e” this week. He is the letter that sneaks up to the end of the word without making a sound, but startles the vowel into saying it’s name (long vowel sound). We did lots of activities to reinforce this idea including acting out the “sneaky e” and making some “sneaky e” puppets.

Wandering Wisemen

The three magi  are visiting John Ireland in their search for the newborn king. They asked our first graders to help keep track of where they have looked in their journals each day. They are trying hard to follow the star and stay focused, but sometimes get a little distracted by all of the fun things in our classroom!

November Learning!

We had lots of great hands on learning opportunities in November. Among the many things to be thankful for this season is this wonderful group of little learners!

Fire Safety Visit

We got a visit from the St. Peter fire department (including Colby Schmidt) and they shared with us some tips about fire safety. They even brought a fire truck! The students were thrilled to look around and had lots of questions.

All-Saints Day Estimation Jars

For all saints day the school estimated how many treats were inside each saint themed jar. First graders had the important job of counting the treats by making groups of 10, then finding who had the closest estimate.

Pajama Day!

As a reward for reaching our marathon goal we had a Pajama day on Thursday. Students loved showing off their comfy duds and we got to snuggle up during read to self time with pillows and stuffed animals.


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