1st Grade


Spring Learning

Here are some snapshots of our learning this spring!

Sound and Light

In science we explored the concepts of sound and light. We learned about how light works by reflecting off objects into our eyes, we experimented with shadows, and we sorted items by how much light passes through (learning some pretty neat vocab words of transparent, translucent, and opaque!). In our sound unit we proved that sound came from vibrations then learned how to change the pitch of sound and even how sound is used in communication.

Contraction Surgeons!

We learned about contractions this week and how to squish two words together and take out some extra letters. We acted like surgeons and cut out the letters we didn’t need them stitched the word back together with band aids. We learned that the apostrophe is like a scar showing where the letters were cut out.

100 Days of School!

We have been keeping track of the days of school all year with a number line around the classroom and finally reached the 100th day! We did all sorts of activities with 100 to celebrate being 100 days smarter.

Field Trip

We took a field trip to see Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters at Stepping Stone theater. It was based on a book of the same name which is a version of a Cinderella story from Africa. Before the trip we read lot of Cinderella stories from around the world and compared them. We also went to an indoor park to eat lunch and get some exercise before the bus ride home.

“Sneaky E”

We learned about the “sneaky e” this week. He is the letter that sneaks up to the end of the word without making a sound, but startles the vowel into saying it’s name (long vowel sound). We did lots of activities to reinforce this idea including acting out the “sneaky e” and making some “sneaky e” puppets.

Wandering Wisemen

The three magi  are visiting John Ireland in their search for the newborn king. They asked our first graders to help keep track of where they have looked in their journals each day. They are trying hard to follow the star and stay focused, but sometimes get a little distracted by all of the fun things in our classroom!

November Learning!

We had lots of great hands on learning opportunities in November. Among the many things to be thankful for this season is this wonderful group of little learners!

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