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    St. Peter, MN
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We invite you to join us for worship. Gather with us for Sunday coffee and rolls as we celebrate.


We are located at 1801 West Broadway in Saint Peter. If you need help finding us click the link.

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Reflection for Week 4: Repentance and Renewal

During Advent we honor the descendants of the House of David, a royal line of nobles and cads who point the way to the Messiah. King David himself is a fascinating mix of courage and cowardice. He slew the giant warrior Goliath with a single slingshot when he was still a boy, but as king

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Reflection for Week 3: Mary’s Impossible Dream

In the musical “Man of La Mancha,” when Dulcinea asks Don Quixote what it means to “follow his quest,” he responds by singing “The Impossible Dream.” Mary, who awaited the birth of Jesus some 2,000 years ago just as we do this Advent, could have written the song. She certainly lived it. Imagine how young

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Reflection for Week 2: Out in the Wilderness

Something big was about to happen, but then John the Baptist had been expecting something unusual. He had heard stories about the time before he was born, how he had come onto the scene long after his parents thought children would be part of their lives. Both his mother Elizabeth and his father Zechariah, a

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Advent Reflection for Week 1: “Honey we are Pregnant!”

Few statements carry as much emotion as the one that titles this piece, especially for those who have almost given up after years of disappointment and false hopes. So we can imagine the response of one couple, the biblical Abraham and Sarah, who against all odds not only become pregnant, but models of faith in

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Here is how it works: Use order form to select your gift cards. Add up all totals and write a check to “John Ireland Schools”. There are no fee. If the gift card is $25, then you pay $25. Pick up your order the next week. If you order by Nov. 20th, gift cards will be

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