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Update Tuesday, March 17th at noon

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Update Tuesday, March 17th at noon

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COVID-19 Updates

Here are a few updates from our parish. 


At this time, Masses will continue as scheduled. This may change in the days to come. 

Thrift Store

The thrift store will be closing at noon today and will remain closed at least through March 31st. If you know of anyone who is in immediate need of items from the thrift store, please contact the parish (507-931-1628) and we can arrange for those in need to get supplies.

Live Stream Masses

There are many options of Masses that you can watch Mass. 
TV Times:

  • EWTN: Daily 7am, 6pm, 11pm
  • KEYC Channel 12: Sunday 7:30am
  • KAAL Channel 6: Sunday 9am
  • KEYC-DT Digital Channel 12.2/
  • Charter 19: Sunday 9:30am

Internet Sources:

  • – Holy Redeemer, Marshall

Other Resources:

We are exploring options at our parish but we are not planning to live stream Mass from our parish at this point.

If you are wondering what to do with your time at home, is a great resource of quality, Catholic content.  If you don’t already have an account, the parish has paid for a subscription so you can click on “Sign Up” and the click “I belong to a Parish or Organization”. Then search for St. Peter, MN and our Area Faith Community will come up. Some things I would recommend from this website include:

Sunday Offering

During this time, we would encourage you to continue your Sunday offering if you are able. If you regularly use envelopes, you can send those through the mail. This might be a good time to consider signing up for online giving if you have not done so yet. It is very easy to set up online giving on WeShare. Or you can call the parish office (507-931-1628) and we can help you through it. 


Are you not receiving emails from the parish and would like them. Email Mary Grack ( and she can add you to the email list.